Kim Kardashian Confronting Tristan Thompson Over Cheating Sc…

The two came face-to-face in Khloe Kardashian's delivery room.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Protests For Climate Change Legi…

Representative-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Capitol Hill to protest for new climate change… 더보기

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Totally Geeking Out While Visiti…

The Democratic Congresswoman-elect’s Instagram is brimming with stories of her thoroughly enjoying o… 더보기

Fans Remember Stan Lee’s Indian Superhero Chakra The Invinci…

Chakra The Invincible used his powers to help keep Mumbai safe.

Ted Cruz Clams Up About Beto O’Rourke Funding Migrant Carava…

Never mind about that wild claim I made during the campaign, the Texas senator tells HuffPost.

Laverne Cox Surprises Trans Man Who’s Never Met Another Open…

On "Fearless," the OITNB star told 25-year-old Rickey, "Everyone should be able to actualize themsel… 더보기

GOP’s First Big Post-Midterms Move: Keep U.S. In Yemen’s Vic…

Speaker Paul Ryan used the first vote of his last months in Congress to defend military assistance t… 더보기

Kim Beats Obamacare Repeal Architect MacArthur, Building Dem…

Andy Kim edged the biggest Trump backer in N.J.'s delegation, becoming Congress' first Korean-Americ… 더보기

President Trump Is Still Lying About Voter Fraud

Several studies, including a 5-year probe by the Justice Department, have shown voter fraud is not a… 더보기

Twitter Users Needle Donald Trump For His Claim You Need Vot…

One Twitter user pointed out that Trump talking about cereal on National Pickle Day is distracting A… 더보기

The President Thinks You Need ID To Buy Cereal

"If you buy a box of cereal -- you have a voter ID," the president said.

Opinion | To Avoid Future Catastrophes, We Must Learn To Bui…

Poorly planned and unmanaged growth can result in catastrophe.

Ohio Mayor Leads Cities In Revolt Against Irresponsible Gun …

Toledo mayor says big cities should use their purse strings to pressure gun makers into adopting res… 더보기

Southern California Wildfire Burns Most Of Nat’l Park In San…

The Woolsey fire outside Los Angeles has torched 83 percent of the federal parkland.

Brexit Looms: Theresa May Wins Cabinet Support For EU Divorc…

The British prime minister emerged onto Downing St. with the announcement after a five-hour meeting.

Indonesian Woman Wears Wedding Dress Alone After Fiance Dies…

Intan Syari and Rio Nanda Pratama, both 26, had planned to get married Nov. 11.

India’s Me Too Moment Could Change The Film Industry Forever

Bollywood has an annual worldwide audience of 2.7 billion people. What happens there is a matter of … 더보기

Jada Pinkett Smith Recalls Time 2 White Cops Hurled Racial S…

"I will never forget," the actress said on her "Red Table Talk" series.

Ezra Miller Channels Hedwig But Makes It Fashion On ‘Beasts’…

The actor added a deadly "Harry Potter" twist to the ensemble.

Lawyer Uses Teen’s Lace Thong As Evidence Of ‘Consent’ In Ra…

Backlash and protests have erupted after an Irish defense attorney told jurors to look "at the way s… 더보기

Céline Dion Launches A Gender-Neutral Clothing Line For Kids

The five-time Grammy winner aims to dismantle stereotypes with her CELINUNUNU collection.

Bob Woodward: The Media Has Become ‘Emotionally Unhinged’ Ab…

Trump is probably saying, "This is great," the prize-winning journalist said of CNN's lawsuit.

Goodbye To Donald Trump’s Fake Election Day Tax Cut

Congressional Republicans had his back, even if nobody could say exactly what Trump was talking abou… 더보기

Giant Menorah Survives At Jewish Summer Camp Devastated By W…

The Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps were destroyed in the Woolsey fire, but a hilltop menorah withst… 더보기
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New [Why 뉴스] “판사들이 결의안 낸 '판사탄핵'” - 권영철 대기자 [ 김현정의 뉴스쇼 ]
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New 2019학년도 수능 시작…"작년과 같은 출제 기조 유지" / 연합뉴스TV (YonhapnewsTV)
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New 경찰, 생활적폐 단속…4달간 602건 적발 / 연합뉴스TV (YonhapnewsTV)
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[자막뉴스] 65만 원 쓰고 46억 사업 따낸 업체...'검은 유착' / YTN
New [자막뉴스] 65만 원 쓰고 46억 사업 따낸 업체...'검은 유착' / YTN
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